“Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire. “ WB Yeats

Growing from the strong roots of 30 years delivering Steiner Education to younger pupils in the Kildare Steiner (primary) School the time now feels ripe and ready for an expansion to secondary level Steiner education.

In September 2016 we held our first meeting. This was as a result of a conversation between one of the group’s founding members and a second level student who had attended the Kildare Steiner (primary) School and was now in mainstream second level education. That conversation was the spark that ignited a fire to create something that gives another choice for adolescents. From the initial first meeting a core group emerged with a common vision to be part of making this a reality. Since then, others have contributed, providing skills we needed for particular parts of the task and supported this genuine endeavour with their time, insights and experience. The flow and synchronicity with which the necessary help has come has been both unprecedented and a huge blessing. It has always felt that there was an organic and natural flow to the endeavour.

While the majority of the group are parents of Steiner primary school children who have seen the benefits of this system of education and how it nurtures and supports each child to become rounded, happy and well functioning human beings, the initiative feels way beyond our individual children. From many conversations with parents, young people, teachers, academics and others the need for other options for young people has been resounding.

Since its inception this initiative to establish a Steiner Secondary School in Kildare has had and continues to have its own energy – an impulse that moves it forward and connects us to others who bring valuable resources, knowledge and insights. Those who have been involved since it began, as well as those who continue to be, are merely the current guardians or custodians of something that is a lot bigger than any one individual or group of individuals. The constant affirming message is : there is a need for greater choice of education for our young people. The time is right for that to happen.

“Instruction does much, but encouragement everything”. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe